How to Build a Natural Pond

Did you know that a synthetic pond doesn’t need a pump, filter, or skimmer to work properly? After all, natural ponds don’t need these expensive contraptions. Find out how you can build your own natural pond just like I did with these step by step instructions.

I love ponds! Out of my six ponds, I built five of them myself. A pond contractor constructed my first pond. Actually, I had three different contractors work on my first pond. I ultimately regret bringing any contractor into the picture.

If you’re thinking about building a pond yourself or hiring a contractor, you can learn from my mistakes. This website offers my experience and is available to you as a free resource.

Why build a natural pond?

  • Ponds are great for the environment
  • They bring tranquility and promote relaxation
  • A pond adds beauty to a landscape
  • Ponds hosts all sorts of wonderful plants and wildlife
  • The ecosystem of a pond is fascinating

Do you need more convincing?

How to build a natural pond | Natural Pond Lover

Great! If you made it this far, you might want to learn how to build a natural pond.  Perhaps you already have a pond that you’re having problems with. If you don’t have a pond yet, you’ll have to have one built. You have some options. You can pay someone, or you can build it yourself. What’s the right choice for you? That depends on several factors. It’s best not to make your final decision by only reading the first page of this site. This is a major commitment that you have to research thoroughly.

How to Build a Natural Pond | Natural Pond Lover

The cost of owning your own pond

We first need to talk about money. Paying someone to build your pond is costly. Next, add all the bells and whistles. This can include the pump, filter, skimmer, automatic fill valve and more. Now you’re looking at yearly maintenance fees for as long as the pond exists.

It’s fair to say that pond construction is not an easy task. Heavy labor is involved. Be in good shape. Undoubtedly, mistakes will occur that need some tweaking. For myself, the reward was well worth it in the end. I now enjoy the beauty and tranquility of a natural pond from my patio. It’s like being on vacation every day. I’m happy that I learned how to build a natural pond.

We’re left with the question, what is the right choice for you?

It really depends on what you’re looking to do. Do you want a “water garden” style pond? Something with more of an ornamental look? Perhaps including a fountain, stream, or waterfall?  Remember, maintenance fees result with any electrical equipment. Are you unable to do physical labor? If you said yes to these questions, you should probably hire a professional.

Arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible

Some of you are like me. I like a pond that looks completely natural as if Mother Nature herself put it there. The sight of exposed pond liner turns me off and I wanted a pond, not a money pit. There’re other people like myself across the internet. Are you physically capable and up for the challenge? Be honest with yourself here.

Learn from my mistakes and avoid repeating them

I hold absolutely nothing back, not even my mistakes because this isn’t about my ego. It’s about helping you! By learning from my mistakes, you might save a few more dollars. There’re many ways to build a pond. The important thing is that you build a natural pond in the correct manner.

Most importantly, you have complete control over how your pond looks, and the possibilities are nearly endless.

The main goals of this site

Keep in mind this isn’t a website that showcases decorative ornamental garden ponds. This is primarily a natural pond construction website that’s main focus is building a natural ecosystem. As such, you’ll see both nice pictures and pictures of failed attempts. One shouldn’t learn how to build a pond without seeing what sometimes goes wrong during construction.

Whether you choose to build a natural one or a decorative garden pond, the basic fundamentals in pond construction are the same. While you’re completely free to decorate the pond as you choose, you still must learn how to dig a hole that holds water the right way. You must also protect your pond liner and other investments.

I’m here to help you achieve your goal.

How to Build a Natural Pond
Before and after

Who I am

First and foremost, I’m a hobbyist and a naturalist. After my first attempt at pond construction failed, I hired a contractor. I thought he knew what he was doing so I put my complete trust in him. His website seemed impressive. Come to find out, none of the pictures of ponds on the site were his.

That was only my first negative experience with a professional pond contractor. There were two others and both failed miserably. If anyone local asked me to recommend a pond contractor, I couldn’t do it.

That doesn’t mean all pond contractors are bad. Your local pond contractor may actually be very talented. Do your research on them and ask to see their work. Not only pictures in a portfolio, ask if it’s possible to see their work in person. See how they answer that question. You’re paying them so you have the right to ask. Be frank, but in a non-confrontational way.

My personal motivation for pond construction

Out of my frustration with these people, I decided to learn how to build a natural pond the correct way on the first attempt. I’ve built a total of five successful ponds. The pictures posted on the pages of this website are all my own and on my property. These pictures include both my successful ventures and my shortcomings. Unlike many other pond contractor websites, none of the pictures here are fake to close a sale.

Natural Pond Lover
How would you like to look out your window and see this every morning?

Achieve these goals

There are different ways to reach the same goal in pond construction. This website is about how I achieved my goal. Here at Natural Pond Lover, you’ll learn how I,

  • Saved money doing everything myself. I built large ponds on shoestring budgets, saving thousands of dollars.
  • Saved hundreds to thousands of dollars by avoiding costly annual maintenance fees.
  • Chose the right pond liner for my specific needs and concerns.
  • Built a natural functioning ecosystem from scratch without electric pumps, skimmers, or filters.
  • Chose the right plants, fish and other pond animals that work together to create an ecosystem that works like a clock.
  • Successfully conquered dreaded algae blooms.
  • Hide unsightly pond liner.
  • Protected my pond liner from nuisance animals and the elements.
  • Fulfilled a dream I had since I was five years old.

Join me on this crazy adventure! I built all of my ponds by myself. Perhaps we can build the next one together.

Are you ready? Let’s do this!

How to Build a Natural Pond